Spirit Desire

A multimedia project for a series of Photographs by Sokari Ekine

Music for Highways

A video project about road safety highways and music.

Excerpts from Dis Poem Wordz & Agro Fest.

Field recording from Dis Poem Wordz and Agro Fest 2019


Soundscape series featuring tracks from Bumpfoot.

Voice notes and Soundclips

A soundscape from the music and memory project.

The history of ganja in Jamaica

A nu-music track about marijuana in Jamaica.

Building Nations on Small Islands

A soundscape documentary about the island of Jamaica.

Power of the Pussy

A mixtape about the Power of the Pussy.

Church Wars

A soundscape documentary about Christianity.


A poem by dj zanj rracc produced by dj afifa

nothing matters

A poem taken from the Nothing Matters Collection

The body of a 9 year old girl

A news item about the murder of a 9 year old girl in Jamaica.

Dub Poetry mixtape by dj afifa

A dub poetry mixtape for the first annual Dis Poem Wordz and Agro Fest held in Port Antonio, Portland.

Grace Jone the Medium is the message

Audio documentary using sound clips and samples to tell a story about the life of artist Grace Jones.