World Music Fusion on Zanj Radio a different idea about World Music

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 Every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm Zanj Rracc presents World Music Fusion on Zanj Radio. World Music Fusion has been running on Zanj Radio for 6 years.

Zanj Rracc describes World Music Fusion as "a coming together of music and sound in one space"... a time vessel through music ...different borders and territories of a time machine through can drive it, you can fly it or play put the music in your ears and you take a journey, a different type of journey... each track or groups of tracks transport you to a different place. is a different idea of World music. World music is music made in the world not just indigenous music like Putamayo or Pata Patta, it is Arabic Jazz from 1996 mixed with Dancehall and hip hop instrumentals from 1990, that is how the whole music come together, all of these places are stops in time. Sometimes the gap is bridged when you hear a Grace Jones remix in 2019 it sounds like the original song of 1990. The essence of fusion is how you can put all these songs is rich....


Every summer listeners can look forward to the Summer lounge edition of World Music Fusion.  The Summer Lounge Edition features "relaxed tropical sounds and beats, it is relaxed chill lounge music with different beats"



The latest edition featured some Brazilian selections, Arabic Jazz, 80's Africa,  and disco funk remixes.


Here are some of the tracks featured on the latest edition.


  • Jimmy Cliff  - Sooner Or Later
  • Eme Ballantyne - My Life (Nigeria 1981)
  • Prince Issac Black - Papa Bless Me
  • Lijadu Sisters - Come On Home
  • Mtume - So You Wanna Be A Star (Joey Negro Disco Re Blend)
  • Earth Wind Fire - Cant Let Go (Joey Negro Elevated Mix)
  • Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper (Joey Negro Bumper To Bumper Mix)
  • Zenit - Waitin
  • 5 Reasons - Summer Rain (Slipenberg Remix)
  • Prince Kaybee - Fetch Your Life ft. Msaki
  • DJ Khaled & Buju Banton - Holy Ground
  • Fyah Roiall feat. Jah Izrehl - Amun-RA
  • Umoja - Rabia
  • The System - Find It In Your Eyes

 You can listen to the latest episode here

 World Music Fusion is also featured in the Sounds of Life sound art series visit our blog for all the latest episodes and special playlist releases by Zanj Rracc..