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Flies is a nu-music track produced by dj afifa for Sounds of Life. Flies is a poem written by Zanj Rracc. It is performed by him and recorded in the Zanj Radio Studios in St.Andrew Jamaica.

 “ I was sitting at my doorway one day and there was a lot of flies, flies were attacking me and there was no water because of a water lock off. I was thinking about politicians in Jamaica and how we shouldn't live on an island surrounded by water and be without water...it was just a poem that came to me….” Dj Zanj Rracc

For this production dj afifa added ambiance or atmospheric quality to the track using a sample from the beginning of the sitting of the house of parliament in Jamaica.

“i listened to the vocals and imagined the sound of the flies, then I started to think about how that sound was similar to the hum of voices then I heard the hum m of voices at the beginning at the beginning” Dj Afifa

download flies here