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NIDS is a controversial identification scheme that will be implemented in Jamaica in the coming years. Every Jamaican citizen must be a part of NIDS.

As the years go by and NIDS becomes more infused into the daily experience of the ordinary Jamaica citizen, it will evolve into a component which Jamaicans will need for just about anything. This recording gives an example of Jerome, trying to use his NIDS to get to work on a hot morning in Kingston on Wednesday March 8th 2034.

Why doesn't anything matter anymore?

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Nothing matters is the latest nu-music release from dj afifa. Nothing matters is the name of a poem and a collection of haikus, poems and writings published by dj afifa earlier this year.

Power of the Pussy

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Our first release for 2019 is the "Power of the Pussy" mixtape curated and produced by Dj Zanj Rracc. The mixtape features an exclusive selection of current female hip hop and fusion artists.

Church Wars

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CHURCH WARS, is a soundscape documentary produced and curated by DJ Zanj RraccChurch Wars feature details about behaviours and ideas that find themselves in one of the world’s most influencing spaces, a church, despite being contradictory to its ideals.

The soundscape documentary takes its listeners/audience on a journey that explores the mob mentality of congregations and their leaders in the houses of the lord.



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Flies is a nu-music track produced by dj afifa for Sounds of Life. Flies is a poem written by Zanj Rracc. It is performed by him and recorded in the Zanj Radio Studios in St.Andrew Jamaica.

 “ I was sitting at my doorway one day and there was a lot of flies, flies were attacking me and there was no water because of a water lock off. I was thinking about politicians in Jamaica and how we shouldn't live on an island surrounded by water and be without was just a poem that came to me….” Dj Zanj Rracc

Voice notes and Soundclips

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Voice notes and sound clips is a soundscape produced by dj afifa. The is a 5:55 length composition of voice notes and sound clips collected by dj afifa featuring music by Sheibo Sekito

Voice notes and sound clips is the first in a series for the music and memory project by dj afifa.


Live performances remind us of being human.

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Jean Binta Breeze

This is a hard time to be alive. We are surrounded by death and the casualties of COVID-19, humans are being forced to isolate to survive the virus.

Revisiting Live performances can remind us of that warm feeling we used to get from being together. Here is a live feature from Jamaica;"Jean Binta Breeze performs live at the Poetry Society of Jamaica".