New website to be launced in November 2019

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We will be updating our operations and moving to a new drupal site. We hope you enjoy the new experience.

Niger’s Aminatou Seyni, the third-fastest female 400m runner this year, said she could not compete in the event at the world championships due to the IAAF’s new testosterone cap for women’s events between the 400m and mile, according to multiple reports.

Seyni, after advancing through the 200m first round on Monday, confirmed she entered the shorter race because she was barred from the 400m, according to reports.

Vbyz Kartel Luxury mixtape

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Luxury by Zanj Racc is a gift to all fans of Dancehall artist Vbyz Kartel. Zanj Racc explains;



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NIDS is a controversial identification scheme that will be implemented in Jamaica in the coming years. Every Jamaican citizen must be a part of NIDS. As the years go by and NIDS becomes more infused into the daily experience of the ordinary Jamaica citizen, it will evolve into a component which Jamaicans will need for just about anything.

Nothing matters

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Nothing matters is the latest nu-music release from dj afifa. Nothing matters is the name of a poem and a collection of haikus, poems and writings published by dj afifa earlier this year.

Power of the Pussy

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Our first release for 2019 is the "Power of the Pussy" mixtape curated and produced by Dj Zanj Rracc. The mixtape features an exclusive selection of current female hip hop and fusion artists.

if i had the wings of a dove

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"if i had the wings of a dove" is a soundscape created by dj afifa for Simone Harris and her Tribe film project. The video was shot and edited by Isabel Dennis and the video concept and performance is by Simone Harris.Here is a preview of the film project.

Church Wars

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CHURCH WARS, is a soundscape documentary produced and curated by DJ Zanj RraccChurch Wars feature details about behaviours and ideas that find themselves in one of the world’s most influencing spaces, a church, despite being contradictory to its ideals.

The soundscape documentary takes its listeners/audience on a journey that explores the mob mentality of congregations and their leaders in the houses of the lord.

Listen to Church Wars 

Music and memory

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There are 9 months left in 2019 and for the rest of the year you can follow the memory and music project with dj afifa on Zanj Radio. The project will explore the relationship between music and memory starting with the following question;
With so much happening around us can we use music to help us process them? How do we remember important events?
How is music connected to our memories?
How is popular music shaping our memories?

Soundscapes: A series dedicated to Netlabels

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Soundscapes is a project by dj afifa for  Sounds of Life. Each soundscape features material from her favourite netlabels, original nu-music tracks and field recordings. The most recent release features tracks from bump foot, a netlabel bases in Japan.