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NIDS is a controversial identification scheme that will be implemented in Jamaica in the coming years. Every Jamaican citizen must be a part of NIDS.

As the years go by and NIDS becomes more infused into the daily experience of the ordinary Jamaica citizen, it will evolve into a component which Jamaicans will need for just about anything. This recording gives an example of Jerome, trying to use his NIDS to get to work on a hot morning in Kingston on Wednesday March 8th 2034.

Church Wars

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CHURCH WARS, is a soundscape documentary produced and curated by DJ Zanj RraccChurch Wars feature details about behaviours and ideas that find themselves in one of the world’s most influencing spaces, a church, despite being contradictory to its ideals.

The soundscape documentary takes its listeners/audience on a journey that explores the mob mentality of congregations and their leaders in the houses of the lord.


Voice notes and Soundclips

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Voice notes and sound clips is a soundscape produced by dj afifa. The is a 5:55 length composition of voice notes and sound clips collected by dj afifa featuring music by Sheibo Sekito

Voice notes and sound clips is the first in a series for the music and memory project by dj afifa.