Zanj Rracc

Zanj Rracc is a curator of music and a lounge DJ. He considers himself a musician who uses various DJing devices and his knowledge of music to compose mixes that convey his own sentiments and thoughts. Check out his show World Music Fusion on Saturdays  @ 12am -2am (-5GMT) from our studio in Stony Hill, Jamaica.Zanj Rracc is the founder of Zanj Radio.

dj afifa

Dj afifa is a selecta. She makes sound projects and spaces inspired by music. She is the co-founder of the So((u))l hq and the Institute for Social Leadership based in St.Andrew and Kingston, Jamaica. She is also the founder of Sounds of Life.

She can be heard on the electromagnetic radiation on Zanj Radio every Friday 10pm to 12 midnight- 5 utc and on Sundays on the Crocus Bag a tings  6pm-7pm-5utc.